by Austin Jarvis

Summary of the Nine Villages Valley

the Nine Villages valley has incredible once in a lifetime scenery like the beautiful lakes that are said to be broken pieces of the tibetan goddess semos mirrors and the snow topped peaks home to some of the nine tibetan villages. Which are a sight to see by themselves. You can easily get captivated by the enchanting wildlife and almost fairy tale like land

Facts about the Nine Villages Valley

  • it is located just on the edge of the himalayan plateau in the northern sichuan province
  • its is between 6,529 feet and 15,630 feet above sea level
  • it is home to about 140 different bird species and a host of endangered animals one being the Giant Panda
  • the park stretches over 180,000 acres so there is a lot to see and explore


  • shuzheng zhai a tibetan village lost in time with buddhist statues, water mills, and a view of the beautiful pools and forest on the valley this village will take you back in time
  • Nuorilang falls the most know of waterfall in the nine villages valley water rushes and foams down this magnificent display of the beauty of nature
  • Five-colored Pool known for the vibrant variety of colors in the pool due to algae, rain and the surrounding trees this pool is a must see when visiting the Nine Villages Valley
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