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Who are we?

retailGreen, Inc. was founded in 2009, and has a mission to be at the forefront of the technological change in the retail Industry.Our flagship E-Receipt platform enables retailers to distribute receipt information electronically, and enables retail managers, lease agents, and property managers to organize sales data more accurately and provide enhanced services to customers.We are able to offer this primarily through the utilization of QR technology, allowing QR codes to be scanned on phones smartphone screens; in which the receipt information would be transferred instantly to the created customer account. The consumer has a personal electronic box of receipts stored in the cloud to be referred to at any time!

Our Simple Story

Ayman Suliman, the CEO of retailGreen had a vision of taking retail business into the next level, high costs of papers receipt rolls and ink cartridges is what triggered him to reinforce email receipt services and set it forth as a first option between retailers. Like any success, it never has the perfect result instantly, responses were mixed with up`s and down`s; lengthy receipts are avoided, the Green Initiative is served, and the returns process is simplified. On the other hand, several consumers are wary about giving out their email address to be used for unwanted promotional traffic.

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Contact Person : Reyadh AlQawaqzeh

Mobile : + 1 (925) 405 7789

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