Luke Bryan

Name: Luke Bryan

birthdate: July 17,1976

childhood: He worked on a farm for his father and he taught himself the guitar at the age of 4.

Luke's Struggles

When Luke was in Nashville accomplishing his dream, he got a phone call from his dad saying that Luke's brother Chris has died in a car crash. Luke then was devastated and he put Nashville on hold and went to Georgia Southern University so he could be close to his family and be able to work on his fathers peanut farm. Then a couple years later after Luke was on his first tour his older sister passed away, they aren't really sure how but it was a sudden death.

Luke resolution to his tragedy was Luke's father saw that Luke's dreams were slipping away and he was giving up. Mr. Bryan told him to get in his truck and go to Tennessee before I fire you

Extra information about Luke Bryan

1. Luke was hit by a car in second grade

2. Luke still gets panick attacks before any event.

3. Luke's names on the sign for Leesburg GA

4. He has 2 two sons, Thomas and Christopher

5. He wrote a song for Billy Currington before he became famoud

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Quote: "Everyday I wake up and I lay in bed counting my blessings and saying my prayers for how fortunate I am to have great fans and family."
Luke Bryan Discusses His Two Family Tragedies