9th Grade Guidance Gazette

Volume 1 - Issue 2

Student Focus

Name: Seth Godfrey

Grade: 9th

Fave Class: Basic Agriculture

"This class teaches me the importance of agricultural needs and necessities."

Fave Teacher: Mr. Cantrell

"He is my favorite teacher and teaches my favorite class. In short, my experience in his class has taught me the importance of hard work and earning what you work for. He has also showed us that there is more to agriculture than meets the eye."

Why I am interested in Dual-Enrollment:

"Dual enrollment is what I believe to be a great opportunity to get a head start on laying the path that you are going to take. This program can get me started on college while I still enjoy my high school years."

What's Up in the Counseling Office?

2 Classroom Guidance Sessions:

Unique Students Served: 26

2 Large Group Assemblies:

Students Served: 337

Individual Sessions:

Unique Students Served: 54

New/Transfer 9th Grade Students Enrolled:

Unique Students Served: 25

504 Meetings Completed:

Unique Students Served: 36

Coordinated Online Learning - Georgia Virtual:

Unique Students Served: 14

Coordinated Mentoring Program:

Unique Students Served: 9

Coordinated Snack in the Backpack Program:

Unique Students Served: 2

In addition....

  • Received training on State Mandated Reporting and My Base System (new 504 program software).
  • Attended information sessions for: the Air Force, Naval, and Army Academies
  • Attended: faculty meetings, county counselor meetings, attendance support team meetings, graduate focus meetings, department meetings, system and faculty meetings.
  • Hosted: the Joy House, Mountain Education Charter and Chattahoochee Technical
  • Administered a GHSGT retest
  • Teamed with Appalachian Children's Center


Monday, Nov. 17th, 6pm

PHS New Performing Arts Center

9th Grade Parent Night - Topic: At-Risk Student Behavior Awareness