Long Island Times

Sunday Newspaper 10/15/31

Who is Gatsby?

He is very well known for his extravagant and luxurious parties. With the massive mansion, the chauffeurs, the amazing food, and the fabulous people who come to theses partys of his. However no one really knows who Gatsby really is. He is a man of many secrets. There are many rumors about Gatsby. Some say that Gatsby killed a man. People have also been saying that he works in the bkack market with the gangster who fixed the world series.

Who is this mysterious woman going to Gatsbys?

Lately for several weeks there has been this mysterious woman going to Gatsbys house. What is funny to is Mr Gatsby has stopped hosting parties. This very weird how both of these things have happened all out of nowhere. Some people have been saying that it is the wife of Tom Buchannon or some random woman from the city.

The New York Yankees sign the Babe

On January 5 1920 the New York Yankees major league baseball club announces its purchase of the heavy-hitting outfielder George Herman "Babe" Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for the sum of $125,000. Inn all, Ruth had played six seasons with the Red Sox, leading them to three World Series victories. On the mound, Ruth pitched a total of 29 2/3 scoreless World Series innings, setting a new league record that would stand for 43 years. He was fresh off a sensational 1919 season, having broken the major league home run record with 29 and led the American League with 114 runs-batted-in and 103 runs. In addition to playing more than 100 games in left field, he also went 9-5 as a pitcher. With his prodigious hitting, pitching and fielding skills, Ruth had surpassed the great Ty Cobb as baseball’s biggest attraction. The Yankees are going to have lots of success for these coming years with this purchase they have made.

Three deaths in 24 hrs

In the past 24 hours three murders have occurred. Myrtle Wilson, wife to a small garage owner, was hit and killed instantly by a speeding car a day ago. She had run out into the middle of the street for unknown reasons and then all of a sudden was hit by a car. The car was allegedly a yellow or blue color and was guessed to be traveling around 40 miles per hour when it hit Myrtle. This car was coming from New York; it swerved a little but did not stop when passing Wilson’s garage in East Egg. Wilson himself could hardly gain composure after the accident. A few witnesses had seen what happened and gave their testimonies to a local police officer. There were no known suspects or motives at the time. Not even 24 hours later, another man was killed in West Egg. Wilson had supposedly found out that Jay Gatsby was the owner of the ‘death car.’ Wilson found his way to Gatsby’s house around noon and saw Jay Gatsby relaxing in his pool. Wilson shot Gatsby and then shot himself a little ways away in Gatsby’s yard. Their bodies were discovered about an hour later. Gatsby was quite wealthy and well-known in Long Island, as he had extravagant parties almost every Saturday night. However only one man, Nick Carraway, had hosted and been at Gatsbys funeral while everyone else did not even bother showing up.
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