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Autobiography on Hannah Barg

Hannah attended Norfolk High School. Hannah was very competitive in volleyball and she also signed up to help with the yearbook editing. She did not have a job in high school because she just wanted to focus on school and try to get good grades. After graduating, she attended the University of Nebraska and took a class called Secondary Math. When Hannah got done with college, she started looking for jobs to apply at, then she found Pizza Hut and she was lucky enough to get the job. And when she turned 40, she is still working at Pizza Hut. Hannah was skinny and tall. She got married when she was 45 and had three children. Then a few years past, now Hannah lives in Austin, Texas. She also got another job as a 4th grade teacher. She has a great hobby she loves to do all the time, and that’s scrapbooking. Hannah loves to scrapbook, she loves to scrapbook all her memories from when she got married. She also loves to scrapbook about her three children, and when they traveled to Washington D.C. Hannah also plans to retire from teaching when she is 50 years old, and she would love to travel to Washington D.C. again.

A Penny Lump

There once was a penny lump. There was a chimney sweeper who married a wife and could not keep her. So he married another and didn't love her either, so he shoved them both up the chimney.

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Washington Monument