🌸Welcome To Nicaragua!🌸

The land of lakes and volcanoes

Nicaragua's beautiful climate conditions!

A tropical climate can be observed in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. Just as in the other Central American countries, there are two seasons: the dry and the raining season. During the dry season (January - June) there is virtually no rain and trees and plants start to dry out. Once the rains come around June, July, everything starts growing and the yellow plants and leafless trees turn green and start blossoming in a breathtaking way. In August and September it often rains once a day (insane, right???) . Fortunately, it just rains for a short period of time and these are often spectacular, tropical downpours.
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Holidays and festivals in Nacaragua 🎉

Do you like holidays? Would you believe Nicaragua has more holidays than the public school system in the states? The List barely ever ends! Come celebrate some with us, and have a blast doing so! Here is the list for 2015!

New Year's Day
International Poetry Festival in Granada
Easter Week (Semana Santa to April 4 2015
Maundy Thursday
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Labor Day / May Day
Mother's Day
The Sandinista Revolution Day
Santo Domingo Celebrations Start (Managua Hipica)
Last Day of Santo Domingo Celebrations
Tope de Toros (No Running of the Bulls this year) Granada
Hípica Carnival (major festival and parade) Granada
Hipica Horse Parade - Granada
Battle of San Jacinto
Independence Day
Indigenous Resistance Day ( formerly Columbus Day)
All Saint´s Day (Day of the Dead)
Griteria Feast of the Immaculate Conception
Christmas Day
New Year´s Eve

The population of Nicaragua

The Population of Nicaragua was around 6,100,000 in 2012 (last time measured!)

Largest CityManagua

Most Populous Cities











Reasons that will make you fall in love with Nicaragua!

Nicaragua is a fascinatingly beautiful country that attracts tourists year round! Its tropical climate and biodiversity is just enough to make any type of person strongly desire to visit. This country is beyond thriving. Nicaraguans are very much so family oriented, and often live in close aeras to their families in order to spend time with them, and help each other out, unlike many other places. Many tourists who visit will notice the great hospitality and kindness that Nicaraguans cherish. You caint find this type of kindness just anywhere! Cherish it while you see it!

Here are some fun facts: -Nicaragua is by far considered the safest Central American country to travel to. They consistently have had less crime than any of their fellow countries in the region. This is a huge benefit if you ever thought about checking it out sometime!

-There are no street names in Nicaragua. A person’s address is given by whatever major landmarks they live near. Isn't that just insanely cool?! I think so!

-The ONLY freshwater sharks known in the world can be found in Lake Nicaragua. That's just so cool that's it's just in Nicaragua!

- The name Nicaragua comes from the words nicarao and agua. Nicarao Indians were the first Indian tribes to occupy Lake Nicaragua, and the world agua means water in Spanish. When the Spaniards arrived in the country in the 1500s, they named it after the people they met and the vast amount of water in and around the country.


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