Highway to Perseverance

People go through struggles all the time

How is perseverance defined?

Persevering is key when you falter and triumph. Most of the time it's hard to decided to give up or not, but you will always make the right decision. What is the right decision you ask? It's to have resilience and bounce back from all the bad things in life.

Cause and Effect

The cause of faltering could be from failing a class to moving away from your friends. The after effects of it could be to getting your grade back to an A or finding more friends at your new school.
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Compare and Contrast

The authors Lillian Morrison and Margaret Danner are similar because they both wrote about being scared but persevering through. But they are not similar because they both wrote about two different things, Danner wrote about walking a tightrope and Morrison wrote about a 400 meter run.

More text structures

  • Problem/Solution- The problem in Beastly by Alex Flinn, Kyle's problem is that he became a beast and had to find true love, but the solution was that he met a girl named Lindy and he fell in love with her.
  • Sequence- First Margaret Danner talked about having people judge her but second she said that she would persevere through the hate.
  • Description- Lillian Morrison explained to us that being a runner is a lot of hard work because you are running fast and are very nervous.


What I learned from this is that people persevere through a lot as known as triumph and adversity. When going through a challenge in life they have to understand that life doesn't always so your way. When they have a rough time everyone perseveres through a challenge at life. Don't give up on things that mean something. If they do give up bounce back and be resilient.
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