Mrs. Horak's Class Newsletter

Volume 12: March 14, 2016

New Days for Specials

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Media/Guidance

Thursday: PE

Friday: Computer

Early Release on Thursday!

This Thursday is an Early Release day. School gets out at 12:30. There won't be any chorus or after school activities.

Bits and Pieces

  • We spend a lot of time each and every day talking about being a kind and caring community of learners. We talk about what we can do to make someone in our class feel important and happy. Despite these efforts, I often hear unkind words and a lot of tattling that take up way too much time. IF YOU WOULD....PLEASE REINFORCE THE IMPORTANCE OF THE GOLDEN RULE. ASK YOUR CHILD HOW THEY WERE A GOOD FRIEND TO SOMEONE, AND WHETHER SOMEONE WAS KIND TO THEM. REMIND THEM THAT THEY TRULY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO ANOTHER PERSON! THANK YOU!
  • Our class is finishing a science unit on Forces and Motion with Mrs. Burton. This unit used the picture book "Sheep in a Jeep" to see how gravity, speed, height, and friction all affect the speed of a moving object.
  • We are going to be starting a new unit in Writing. In these upcoming weeks, we will be writing informational pieces about something we know a lot about, and therefore don't need to research. In other words, your child will pick something that they are an expert at and write about it. It could be anything from karate to softball to rock collecting! They will be explaining that topic in paragraphs, so check in with them about their topic in the coming days.
  • NEEDED: Eraser caps! The only thing that we go through faster than pencils are erasers! Any donations of eraser caps would be greatly appreciated!
  • Please continue to quiz your child on his or her multiplication facts. So far only one student has mastered all the facts from zero through 10! Way to go McColl!
  • We are going to be starting to compost our food scraps in our classroom with the help of Asheville Greenworks. That great organization is going to give us small bins that we will fill, and then we will add the contents to a larger, school-wide bin. It is so easy and so important to do our part to keep trash out of landfills!
  • Please, please try to send a HEALTHY snack with your child. Most of the kids are eating their snacks at 8:00 in the morning, so we want them to have good "brain food" to help them learn. Fruit, veggies, cereal bars, and raisins are great snacks. Thanks!

Important Dates

March 14: Early Release

March 22: Talent Show

March 25: Teacher Work Day: No school

March 28-April 1: Spring Break

April 23: Spring Art Festival

Book Fair: April 23-29