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October Newsletter

Lessons Learned About Giving

Thanksgiving coming up may be my favorite holiday. There is no expectation of gifts and no major decorating I feel I have to do. It's simply a time to gather with those I love and be thankful, grateful for this life I get to live. You all know that I've been talking a lot over the past few months about looking for ways to give back through your business. I recently put something out there that I had wanted to do for a long time, but it brought back some memories that were hard for me to handle. I put out there that I wanted to donate chemo care totes in memory of my mom, who died from ovarian and stomach cancer 12 years ago, and my dad, who passed away of heart and lung disease 6 years ago. They were the dynamic duo of giving back to others and I want to carry on that legacy. Long story short, I put it out there, and now have 96 totes (plus 2 from another consultant) to donate. I'm embarrassed to say I started by hoping for 10-12. Ladies, when we open the door for others to give, God WILL show up! This whole project has been healing for me and healing for so many others as well. I've received "thank you" notes, cards, and messages from countless others for doing this. Others thanking me? I just want to thank them for being a part and they are thanking me. Lesson learned. If we have an avenue for others to give back, it's our obligation to provide opportunities for them. So, where do you want to give back and what opportunities will you set up in Oct., Nov., and Dec. for others to join you in the give?

September Selling Rockstars!

disney, here they come!!!

Congratulations to Laura Tharrington and Kim Rector, who earned Disney vouchers through the Wishes Come True Incentive!

Our New Consultants are on FIRE!!!

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Congratulations to the following consultants for recently reaching their StartSwell levels!

Carla Kazura - level 2

Robin Felman - levels 1 & 2

Also, congratulations to Brandy Leach who reached ALL 4 LEVELS of StartSwell! Way to work your businesses ladies!


As we enter a busy holiday season, you can offer to be a personal shopper for your friends and family. Order a few of these for yourself to carry and show. They will sell themselves! And when you give a gift, are you shopping from yourself??? Use our small caddies and totes as your gift bag and fill them with other goodies. Check out the gift idea album on our team Facebook page for more ideas!

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