Dorothy Irene Height

Civil Right Activist

Early Life / Education

* Born March 24, 1912 in Richmond Virgina
* Heights skill as a speaker took her all the way to a national oratory compettition
* She applied to new york university , where she would earn 2 degrees : A bachelors degree in education in 1930 & a masters degree in phychology in 1932
* in high school , height showed great talent as an orator she also became socially & politically active participating in anti-lynching campaings

Education / Early Career

* in 1957, height became the president of the national council of negro women
* in 1963, height was one of the organizers of the famed march on washington , she stood close to martin luther king jr
* she also established its centor for radical justice in 1965
* in 1986 , height organized the 1st black family reunion , a celebration of traditions & values

Major Events / Legacy / Awards

* in 1994, president bill clincton awarded her the presidential medal of freedom
* she stepped down from the presidency of the NCWM in the late 1990s , but remained the organizetion's chair of the board until her death in 2010.
* in 2004 president george w.bush gave height the congressional gold medal

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