Ray Charles

Famous songs

Ray Charles was a blind musician. Some of Rays most famous hits were "hit the road Jack", "Georgia on my mind", and "unchain my heart". He not only was the singer of these songs he was the composer of the music and also created the lyrics. Ray was known to make up songs on the spot.

Career and early addiction

Ray early in his career was a family man and just wanted to provide for his family. In the middle to late part of his career he was introduced to drugs such as marijuana and heroine. Ray at one point avoided jail by getting someone to take the blame for his possession of marijuana. This all happened when he was on tour so he did drugs and drank heavily in a lot of different places. He even came out with songs that were a come back to everyone's criticism of his substance abuse. These songs were "I don't need a doctor" and "Lets go get stoned". Then he stopped using heroine and went into a depression and came out with the song "crying time". Ray in 2003 was then diagnosed with a liver disease from his alcohol abuse and also hepatitis C.

Late career

Ray later in his career went on tour with other stars in his time such as Willie Nelson and Stevie Wonder. Some of his behaviors were off said Willie Nelson he just was not himself and you could tell he was in a lot of pain. They said that he would just lay down in his room wherever they were staying and just keep to himself which was not like Ray. They also recall the time when they were in the recording studio and Ray was all fidgety and could not remember his lyrics. They later found out he was locked in his room because he was doing heroine again and was suffering from withdraws and that's why he was all fidgety and he was in pain because of the migraines he was having because of it.

Ray's emotions

It is apparent in Rays work because he was known to write about what was on his mind and that came out in his songs "lets go get stoned" about his addiction to smoking weed. Or in the song "Crying time" when he was depressed. He was a very passionate writing and it came out in his works. He will always be a respected song writer and musician. He was known as the father of soul because of his type of voice and also the heart and soul he put in his music. Ray died June 10, 2004 at the age of 73 from liver disease and hepatitis C. He will go down as one of the craziest wildest musicians ever but he will also be remembered as one of the greatest.