Lisbet Norris


The Iditarod

Also known as The Last Great Race is a dog sled race. The Iditarod goes from Anchorage To Nome. This race is roughly 1,000 miles long. Most sleds have 7 to 9 dogs pulling the sled.

The Team

Lisbet has 30 dogs. Their names are Ripp, Ravni, Goofy, Rudy, Pete, Nils, Peele, Vader, Vinnie, Fenton, Ida, Princess, Fearless, Raspy, Lillian, Hilary, Orro, Usian, Barkly, Sunshine, Galli, Minnie Lue, Pearl, Fly, Shelley, Victor, Major, Goblin, Bitey, and Itelman. Her main dogs are Ripp and Ruby.

About Lisbet Norris

Lisbet is 27 years old and was born in Alaska. She studied in Norway and Baffin Island and worked as a musher and expedition guide. Mushers run in her family, her father was a musher. She's a third-generation musher. Her and her dad are huge fans of layers. When she goes out to feed and water her dogs she packs on layers of coats and snow pants.

Their kennel.

They have 30 dogs so 30 kennels. She thinks that every dog gets the same amount of love and respect. "Dogs are smart and intelligent" she says.