Newton's 100

The Cupcake Truck by Bridgett Smith & Ashtyn Cooper

Newton's 3 Laws:

Graph and Analysis

In the beginning, we decided to use a whole rubber band to wind up the car to make it move. Using a whole rubber band limited how much we would be able to wind up the axels to make the car move, which made us have a short average distance, time, and speed of 38 centimeters. We soon figured out that cutting the rubber band in half would increase speed and distance. It did! Our average distance, speed and time turned into 59.3 centimeters for both of the last two trials. The farthest our car has ever gone is 402 centimeters. This was a very exciting project and I am glad our car turned out the way it did.



When Ashtyn and I first started this project, we didn't know how on earth we were going to build a car out of small materials and have it run 100 centimeters. But it wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. At first we were going to use a tissue box for the main part, skewers for the axels, a cd for the wheels, and a whole rubber band to make it go. It didn't work to well. The box would push in whenever we wound it up and it didn't move. We then decided to make the car out of a more strong base.



Ashtyn and I ended up using a sturdy, strong, white shoe box for the main part of the car.Two cds for each wheel and some styrofoam in the middle to make the wheel bigger. We kept the skewers for the axels, and for the rubber band : we cut in half and tied one end of the rubber band on to one of the axels and clipped the other end of the rubber band to the side of the box. We also actually ended up hot glueing the wheels to the axel so the wheels would be straight and so it would help the car keep a straight travel of 100 centimeters at least. This was a better structure.With this design our car went 402 centimeters, which was the farthest distance it went. Cutting the rubber band in half helped the car go faster and it helped it go farther. Our car ended up going to the semi-finals for speed and we got 4th place. I am so proud of our car.