Thomas Jefferson

By: Mackenna

What did he do for the government?

1. Wanted to make the government more democratic, providing all people with equal rights

2. Encourage all citizens to work together

3. Jefferson believed in states rights and rule by majority. He wanted to limit the authority of the federal government to power specifically stated in constitution Jefferson thought state government were closer to the people that the national government.

4. Jefferson wanted to cut the federal budget and lower taxes. He payed off national debt, encouraged agriculture and trade, simplified government, and avoid high cost of war and defense. He also cut military spending, cut army and navy, cut staff, reduce government spending, and opposed a national bank, but kept it in tacke.

5. Ended all internal taxes

a. Only tariffs on imports and revenue from sale of western lands

b. Paid for roads, education, arts, and other public works

His talents were...

· Architect

· Attorney

· Farmer

· Surveyor

· Mathematician

· Linguist- Person who can speak a lot of languages.

· Sculptor

· Writer

· Inventor

· Writer

· Musician

· Politician