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Deck Z The Titanic, Unsinkable, Undead

By Matt Solomon This is his goodreads page. It is like a facebook reading page.

The Plot of this story

At the beggining of this book, a disease strikes in a small village in china. A german scientist named Herr Wiess has to try to find a cure for this disease that is turning people into flesh eating monsters. He learns that German armies are planning to use this disease as a weapon and he runs away to the Titanic. During the middle of the book Herr Wiess releases the disease on the ship by accident and people start to turn into zombies. Herr Wiess and the crew have to fight through the hordes of flesh hungry passengers. Near the end of the book the Titanic hits the iceburg and starts to sink. The zombies get on the top deck of the ship and start to take other passengers lives. The Titanic Sinks.
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A sample to get you to want to read my book

His eyes locked on Weiss, and the infected man lunged. Weiss tried to push off the villager, but his teeth were stuck in his collarbone. The shaman jumped up to help and pulled him free with surprising strength. As she did the second villager dove and sank his teeth into her neck.