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Student Magazine- Photo Album

Les Photos Sont Dans Le Monde

Photos are the world. They can capture a moment forever, to keep and to re-live over and over again. We take them so we can share with others, our experiences. They allow us to see something without really being there.

That is why I like them.

That is why this special edition of the Student Magazine has been released, full of photos from some events in term four so far.

Coming up are pictures, recounts, poems, and descriptions of the Waterpolo Gala Day, Zoosnooz, Create South 2013 and the Get Hooked excursion.

Emersyn W, xo

Diary Entry- Waterpolo Gala Day

On Monday the 14th of October, a mix of about thirty boys and girls from year 6 went to the to Sutherland Leisure Centre to play waterpolo. It was quite a miserable drizzly day for water-sports, with the temperature in the low twenties. There were three teams of about ten children, each played 4 games. It was non competitive but we still had a lot of fun, which is why we went.

Written by Ruby B

I love photos because they never change, even if the person in them does.

@Zoosnooz 2013

The dragonfly passes by the eagle's eye, (yeah)

Burnt trees,

Grubby knees,

Animals from overseas.

(Yeah) You got your converse on,

High tops,

Low tops,

Monkeys in the treetops.

Having a good day with a bear,

Hanging out in the lion's lair.

Giraffes with the long necks,

Cockatoos with little specks.

A Safari in the Sky,

Flying oh, oh so high.

An amazing view,

Of Taronga Zoo.

A rap spontaneously and unintentionally written by Ruby B 6N, Ulani B 6P, Chloe C 6N and Emersyn W 6P, about the second day at Zoosnooz.



CREATE SOUTH is a 3 day workshop for students with a talent in dance, drama, technology, visual arts band or choir. Over the three workshop they prepare and rehearse for a play/musical which is performed on the evening of the third day.

Who went from our school?

Lauren H (yr 6) and Kelsey S (yr5) - BAND

Ulani B (yr 6) - DRAMA

Tiarne M (yr 6), Georgia T (yr 6), Elizabeth T (yr 6) and Lily P (yr 4) -CHOIR

Emersyn W (yr 6) -DANCE

How did these students get to be a part of CREATE SOUTH 2013?

Every year Lilli Pilli sends a group of about 15 students from years 4-6 to the CREATE SOUTH auditions. At those auditions student's abilities are tested. About 25-50 students from all over Southern Sydney are chosen to be in each section.

Click on the link below to watch a trailer of Cast Away that the technology kids made.

The girls who were part of CREATE South.

Missing: Georgia T, Lauren H and Kelsea S.

Link to Cast Away Trailer made by the Technology students:

A photograph that has not been shared, is almost like an untaken picture.

Get Hooked Stage 2 Excursion

Stage two went on an excursion to Gunamatta Bay

We went fishing for most of the day

When I lowered my line

I felt a few bites, in total there were nine

Ruby accidentally trod on a bee

She was stung

Lucy cut her toe and said "ee"

At the top of her lung

Then we went out to cast

Whenever I cast the fish just kept swimming past

The sand was gold

And the breeze was cold

My mum had already got out her dish

So she was devastated when I told her I didn't catch any fish

We had a really fun day in the sun

So I will surely go fishing again because it was lots of fun!

Thank you to Abbey&Maddi 3/4M who wrote this poem.

I walk,

I look,

I see,

I stop,

I pHoToGrApH.