St. George Church School


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me.”

Dear Parents of St. George Cathedral,

As we look forward to a new year of learning about our faith and the scriptures, the greatest joy comes from the ability to gather TOGETHER to do that. I know my family felt the absence of in-person church school and everything that it brings.

The St. George Cathedral Church School has always been a vibrant place for our children to grow, full of many activities and wonderful teachers leading them. This year is no different. Our teachers are eagerly awaiting your children with a focus on the scriptures this year. Our Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd grade classes will be learning the New Testament while our 3rd through 12th grade classes will be focusing on the Book of Matthew.

There are multiple ways you, as parents, can help your child(ren) get everything they can out of church school.


Many of us have had our church attending habits upset over the past year. A new year of church school is a great time for us to restart and make a plan to attend each week.


We have a very small window of time to deliver lessons, complete crafts, and ask questions each Sunday. Our dedicated church school teachers are planning to give them as much as they can during the time they have. Please allow your students to stay until the end of church school so they can fully here the messages. I know our weekends, especially Sundays, are very precious. 30 minutes learning the Word and the Faith are one of the most precious ways they can spend that time. We, as teachers, will work to make sure we let them out promptly at 12:00 so you can spend the rest of your day together.


We want our kids engaged throughout the whole week, not just on Sundays. The monthly BINGO card and questions in the newsletter and online will be great resources for this. Hopefully they are simple ways to help your children grow in the faith.

I'm looking forward to the journey this year will take us on. Please reach out with any questions, comments or concerns!

In Christ,

Jenny Farha

St. George Church School Director

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Fall Festival

Sunday, Oct. 24th, 5pm

7515 East 13th Street North

Wichita, KS

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Reflections on Matthew for Middle School and High School

1. Why even bother learning the Gospel of Matthew?

2. The Gospel of Matthew can be divided into 2 halves. The first half details Christ's Arrival, the Beatitudes, Christ's healings, feeding the 5,000 and much more. The second half details many of Christ's sermons and parables as well as prophecies. It also tells of Christ's betrayal, death, and resurrection. What two words can be used to categorize each half of the Gospel of Matthew?

3. When writing the Gospel, Matthew was primarily addressing a Hebrew audience. One of the biggest themes of the Gospel of Matthew is portraying a connection between the Old and New Testament. How does he do this?

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