Aerial Freestyle

By Zaria Chandler


My topic is Aerial freestyle. If you are a dare devil then this is the sport for you. But if your not then this is NOT the sport you so go home. This is a sport that you have all kinds of fun. You have a lot of equipment and not a lot but a little science of this sport.

How the sport is played

The rules of this sport is you must do more then one flip in the air before coming down before coming down. Or you will not get a good score or not one at all. That would be sad especially if you are representing your home town.

Stuff you need for the sport

So the first thing you need is something you sometimes have not always great job courage. You have to be a dare devil some people are not like that so they can't do this sport. People that can are can do this sport all they wont.


So here's a list of the equipment and what they use for. SO YOUR EQUIPMENT IS VERY IMPORTANT! Here they are

  • protection glasses
  • boat's
  • helmet
  • ski bottoms of your boat
  • right clothes

So your glasses are used to protect your eyes from getting anything in your eyes on the way down. The boats are used so you don't get frost bite. And the right clothes the so you don't get frost bite or freeze to death. For real. And the next thing you need is the bottoms foot right the ski bottoms. So you can go somewhere intend of standing on the side of the hill not going anywhere.


I hope you enjoyed my paper about aerial free style now go watch the Olympics.


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