Civil Law

By- Isabella Hagen

Steps in a Civil Case

Step 1-- Hire a lawyer who files a compliant with the proper court
Step 2-- The court sends a document telling the defendant of the suit and orders him/ her to appear in court on that specific date and time which is called a summon.
Step 3-- Defendant may respond to the charges by having their attorney respond to the compliant. Pleadings are the compliant and the answer together.
Step 4-- The pretrial conference is where the judge has both parties in a meeting to clarify differences.
Step 5-- The trial begins. During the trial the plaintiff presents its side first then the defendant. The plaintiff is the person filing the lawsuit and the defendant is the person being charged.
Step 6-- The verdict is the decision. If the losing party thought something went wrong they can ask for a review from a higher court.
  • At the end of a civil case if a preponderance of evidence, 51% of the evidence favoring the one side, is met the burden of proof is also met and that side wins the case.

Mediation and Arbitration

A mediation is a situation in which a third party helps out the plaintiff and he defendant reach and argument.
An arbitration is a situation where a third party listens to the plaintiff and defendant, reviews the case and makes the finial decision that is binding for both parties.

Court Fees

  • Court reporter fees
  • Cost of constructing exhibits
  • Reproduction costs
  • Legal costs
  • Fees charged by expert witness