Northern America

By: Megan Estes

All About New Hampshire

Crimes- Annual number of crimes

Violent: 2,481, Property: 30,693 Total: 33,17%

Economy- Budget: 224 mil Debt: 15,142,336

Percent of the budget put toward each area of the state: Business- 14.8% Professional- 22% Service- 14.5% Sales- 25.4% Farming- .5% Maintence/ Repairs- 10.5% Production Transportation- 12.5%

Taxes- The state of New Hampshire taxes on food, real estate, and property

Total amount of tax money collected per year: $5,390,747,858

Schools- NH is ranked the 4th best school system in the United States

State score: 78.8

High School Graduation Rate: 78.3%

Religion: Mixed religions: overall religious: 35.15%, LDS: .63%, Catholic: 24%, Baptist: 1.61%

Climate- Record High: 102F Record Low: -37F Mild weather and constantly changing due to the seasons

Jobs/ Unemployment- 4.9% are unemployed and decreasing; many jobs available

Recreational Activities- hiking, skiing, dirt biking, 4 wheeling, going to the beach, and many other outdoor activities

Property Values/ Income- Average income: $32,000- $116,000 per year

Cost of an average middle class home: $300,000

Racial Makeup- White: 91.9% Hispanic: 3% Asian: 2.4% American Indian: .3% African American: 1.4%

All About Wyoming

Crime- It's the 7th safest state to live in

Annual number of crimes:

violent: 1,100

property: 13,283

total: 14,383

Economy- Budget: $3.2 bil Debt: $6,927,767

The dispersal of the money throughout the state- Miscellaneous agencies: $220.5 mil Family Services: $107.1 mil Workforce: $129.5 mil Environmental Quality: $151 mil Education: 231 mil Health: 761 mil

Taxes- Wyoming taxes: sales, income, property, and estate

The total amount of tax money collected per year: $3,688,000,000

Schools- Wyoming is ranked having the 24th best school system in America

Placed 15th in reading and 16th in math

Religion- Overall religious: 39.53% Catholic: 11% LDS: 11.23% Baptist: 4.56% Jewish: .2% Other: 12.77%

Climate- Wyoming has a comfortable climate. Their average high in July is 84.6F

Their average low in January is 8.8F

Jobs/ Unemployment- 4.4% unemployment and many jobs available

Recreational Activities Available- Visiting Yellow Stone National Park, or Grand Teton National Park., rock climbing, rodeos, trail riding, horseback riding, and hiking

Property Values/ Income- Median income: $51,731

Cost of an average middle class home: $215,000

Racial Makeup- White: 88.6% Hispanic: 6.7% African American: .8% Native American: 2.2% Asian: .7% other not common races: 1.1%

All About Canada

Crime- (Per 10000 people)

violent: 1,200

property: 4,500

total (using the per 10000 people scale): 1,995,000

Economy- Budget: $280,500,000,000 Debt: $616,410,585,743.75

Taxes- Canada taxes sales, food, income, exise, property, import, and export

Total amount of tax dollars collected per year: $271.4 billion

Schools- Canada is placed having the 5th best school system in the world

the US is ranked 17th

Religion- Christianity: 76.6% Muslim: 2% Jewish: 1.1% Buddhist: 1% HIndu: 1%

Climate- The farther north you go the colder it gets.

spring: 34-63F



winter:41- -4

Jobs/Unemployment- 7.2% unemployment rate and many jobs available

Recreational Activities- Hockey, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, Niagra Falls

Property Values/Income- Average income: $35,000 per year

Average Property Value: for a middle class home is $300,000-$400,000

Racial Makeup- Brittish Isles Origin: 28% French: 23% European: 15% American Indian: 2% Asian, African, Arab: 6% Mixed Background: 26%

Where I Want to Live and Why


Out off all the places in America and the world, when I graduate from high school, I want to move to Wyoming. Anytime someone asks me where I want to live, and I respond with Wyoming, they make a face and all ask the same question, "Why"? Of all the places in the world, why would I pick dusty, rundown Wyoming. Well for starters, because it's not dusty or run-down at all. It's one of the most beautiful and lively states in all of America in my opinion, and according to statistics. According to the website,, Wyoming is ranked the fourth best state to live in, with it's breathtaking scenery and amazing natural wonders in Yellow Stone Park. Nowhere else in the United States can you find such amazing things such as neon colored water and geysers spewing boiling water hundreds of feet into the air. In the midst of all this excitement around Yellowstone there is the amazing mid-western hospitality. In quiet, quaint little towns with farms all around, you can escape the noisy and busy city, and get to know your neighbors better. Wyoming is in the top fifteen happiest states in all of America, and no wonder why. Everyone in Wyoming seems to be happy and friendly to everyone. People who live there live a simpler lifestyle, because many people own farms and live off the land, and are happy with what they have. When I visited Wyoming a few years ago, it was one of the greatest vacations I had ever been on. I fell in love with the nature and way of life. Everyone we met was unbelievably friendly and laid back. New Hampshire may also have some of these qualities, but not the laid back way of life. In Wyoming people spend a lot of time outside and are more relaxed about everything. Here in New Hampshire everything moves a lot faster. People don't have time to stop and smell the roses. After the vacation, I knew I wanted to live there, and after further research, another reason to move out to Wyoming presented itself to me. For a career, I want to be an environmentalist and the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has an amazing program. Their program consists of many hands-on learning activities and lots of outdoor time. It has exactly what I want out of a college, and most other schools don't offer such an amazing program. New Hampshire is a good state, but Wyoming interests me more, such as the way of life, the type of nature, and the schooling. Overall, Wyoming is an amazing state and I'm so excited to move out there in a few years.


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