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March 19-23, 2018

Owning Up: Lesson 2

Teasing: not to be used as a cover up for hurting others.

This week the students will create a definition of humor and distinguish between good, annoying, and bad teasing. Students will be entitled to their own thoughts and feelings, with respect for others. No one can decide how someone else feels. They will define qualities of a good friend and own up to negative behaviors they themselves have exhibited.

Try this: Catch yourself saying things like just kidding, joking, or no offense. What teasing were you doing and why were you doing it? Identify what type you are using: annoying, malicious, or good.

Observe others: Do you know someone who knows how to act when teased? Know someone who uses their humor well?

Next week: Lesson Three: SEAL strategy for communicating in conflict or difficult situations

The programs credit goes to:

Book: Owning Up: Empowering Adolescents to Confront Social Cruelty, Bullying, and Injustice by Rosalind Wiseman

Interested in learning more?

Books for further research by Rosalind Wiseman:

Queen Bees & Wannabes

Masterminds & Wingmen

Queen Bee Moms & Kingpin Dads



Owning Up: Student Thoughts

April Martinez, 12th Grade: "The first lesson (Introduction) was boring. I believe later lessons will be better and the intention is good."

Mercedes Cruz, 12th Grade: "Good ideas. Some people might think it's a joke still, but I also feel it will help."

Something to ponder: Do we, as adults, listen to children and young adults when they are expressing their thoughts? If not, how do we expect to understand the world from their comprehension and show the way for students struggling with difficult issues?

Students: Are you dismissing a discussion without listening because of the way the idea is presented or have you made up your mind because the topic has become over used?

Don't Mark Me

Third through eighth grade, three different sessions, one common lesson. On March 8th Deputy Paul Leal, a Williamson County Constable, gave a personal, heartfelt message with the goal to give students hope and educate them on the consequences of bullying.

Displayed in the high school case, and in the library, are the boards used to demonstrate the power of hurtful words. Nails were driven into the board for each example willing students gave about situations which affected them. Even when an apology is made - and accepted - (nail taken out), a mark is left.

The lesson ties in nicely for an introduction to students next lesson in the Culture of Dignity program. Hopefully the program will encourage students to participate, get uncomfortable, and get real when discussing teasing - as well as finding solutions to prevent the hurt others may unknowingly be administering.

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Quote of the Week

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.

Quick Reminders/Planning Ahead

March 20 Class Pictures Grades Pre-K - 6th

March 20 High School Academic UIL Writing/Journalism Meet in Thrall

March 23 Academic UIL (Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculators, Social Studies, and Science) at Blinn College in Brenham.

April 15-17 Granger Student Council State Conference

Planning Ahead

3rd grade mock staar tests:

Math-April 10

Reading-April 11

April 4-7 FCCLA State Leadership Conference in Dallas

Sat., April 7 City Wide Garage Sale

April 17 High School Band @Bastrop HS UIL Region 18/26 High School Concert and Sight-Reading Competition.

Don't forget:

*Instagram: Follow the school yearbook @ grangerlionsyearbook

*Students have access to eBooks!

Tuesday, March 6th - A day in history

This just doesn't happen, especially during cold & flu season. It is unheard of. If it wasn't provable, it would be unbelievable. And the week before Spring Break! Ready for it? Wait for it...wait for it...Only 6 students were absent throughout the entire school! Grades Pre-K-6th had perfect attendance! Seniors had perfect attendance. No one jetted out early to take an extra week off. (It happens. Ouch.)

Science Fun

Before Spring Break, Ms. Lane's class made a time graph for objects moving at a constant speed. The goal of the lesson was to observe an object moving at a constant speed, graph the relationship between distance and time for moving objects, and interpret graph relating distance and time for moving objects.

Mrs. Shirocky's fourth grader classes also did a similar experiment, however testing speed on tile verse carpet.

Picutred below: sophmores testing cars and making graphs.

Fourth Graders testing using balls and a ramp.

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How low are you willing to go?

If you are willing to have low reading scores, you are willing to have low science and math skills as well. Struggles in these topics are linked to reading levels. The letter recognition and sight words students need to know in Pre-K and kindergarten are important. Let's get real in owning up - are you doing all you can for your student, regardless of grade level, to encourage reading? Student, are you making excuses?

Lunch Menu

Monday: Salisbury Steak

Tuesday: Spaghetti

Wednesday: Pepperoni Pizza

Thursday: Twin Tacos

Friday: Fish Sticks

Repeats Worth Repeating

Raising Fundraiser Awareness

FCCLA selling $1 variety bars, and $2 Mint Meltaway, $2 Caramel Swirl and $2 Chocolate Almond candy bars.

*Senior Class Kona Ice Sales are 4/3. Time: 3:00-5:00

***Want your student to have a special spot highlighted in the yearbook? Ads are for sale, but priceless memories preserved!

1/8 page for $6

1/4 for $13

1/2 for $25

Full for $50

*Ongoing Fundraiser: SHOPPING!

School name: Granger School

School ID#: 192787

+++Family Book Store on home page and Caring for Classrooms donations count towards student's earning prizes. Merchants purchases raise money for the entire school but will not count for student's Prize Thermometer. All proceeds benefit the school.

Happy Birthday!


Donna Griffis 4

Andrea Dolan 6

Michael Abbott 11

Margaret Vrana 15

Tiffany Michalik 16

Jennifer Rhoades 18

Frank Rivera 20

Tracie Niskern 21

Ernest Valdez 21

Brent Holubec 23

Elizabeth Lewis 28


Third Grade Mock STAAR Tests

Math-April 10

Reading-April 11

Renaissance Testing Dates (Reading & Math Progress Monitoring)

4th Nine Weeks 03/05/2018- 03/30/2018

End of Year 04/23/2018 - 05/11/2018

STAAR, EOC, and Finals Testing Dates:

Feb. 26 - April 4 - TELPAS

April 10 - Grade 4 & 7 Writing, Grade 5 & 8 Math, English I EOC

April 11- Grade 5 & 8 Reading

April 12 - English II EOC

May 8-10 - High School EOC: Algebra (5/8), Biology (5/9), US History (5/10)

May 14 - Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 Math, 5th & 8th Math Retest

May 15 - Grade 3, 4, 6, 7 Reading, 5th & 8th Reading Retest

May 16 - Grade 5, 8 Science

May 17 - Grade 8 Social Studies

May 22-24 Finals Week


High School Academic UIL Writing/Journalism Meet - March 20th in Thrall

HS OAP Bi-District March 21st

Academic UIL (Mathematics, Number Sense, Calculators, Social Studies, and Science) Meet - March 23rd at Blinn College in Brenham.

Sports Schedules

~You're invited to the sporting events and to share the excitement and support for the hard working Granger ISD Students and Coaches!~


Thurs. March 22 Taylor JV 8am

Friday March 23 Taylor V 8am

Wed. March 28 Academy V 8am

Mon. April 9 District V Thrall 8am

Tues. April 10 District JV Thrall 8am

Wed.-Thurs. April 18-19 Regional - Corpus Christi 8am

Thurs.-Fri. May 17-18 State Texas A&M 8am


Thurs. March 22 Bruceville-Eddie Relays

Thurs. March 29 Chilton Pirate Relays

Wed. April 4 District Track Meet at Holland

Wed. April 16 Area Track Meet

April 27-28 regional Track Meet at A&M

May 11-12 State Track Meet at UT

*Remember to check school website and Dojo in case of any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

********The end is nearer than you think:

Students & Parents: Please be sure you/your student does not have any unfulfilled obligations. It's not nagging, really. It is a gentle reminder to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Possible obligations: laptop insurance, bills carried over from last year, lunch bill, lost books or other borrowed items, FCCLA fees, club dues, athletic dues. Your understanding is appreciated.

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