Twas the Week Before Break!

What Will Mrs. Newton's Class Be Up To?

And all through the Class, not a Student was Silent, Not even a Pencil.......

We will continue with ELA and Math next week, however, with the end of Museum Week in sight, we will have some fun on the closing days before BREAK! :-)

The Days Have Been Selected With Care:

Monday, Dec. 15th, 2:30pm

Mrs. Newton's Classroom

12/15: Club Pictures. Wear What You Like. Ornament Making in the afternoon. Please send in a photo of your child that will be used. Send in any extra craft supplies that you have and can share: Red/Green/Silver/Gold Glitter. Brown Acrylic Paint. Sequins.

12/16: Continue with ornament making.

12/17: Candy Cane Day- Wear Red and White.

12/18: Grinch Day- Wear Green or Grinch Tshirt. ***This is our Book Blizzard Day with Hot Chocolate. If you are able to donate a Gallon of Milk or Whip Cream, please let me know by this Friday. I will get the cups, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup.

12/19: Polar Express Day- Wear Pajamas (appropriate for school)

We will have a class celebration.

Table 1: Cut Veggies/ Dip

Table 2: Cut or small portions of Fruit

Table 3: Chips/Salsa

Table 4: Drinks/Cups

Table 5: Cookies

Table 6: Napkins/Paper Plates


This Friday, December 12th, is our Winter Museum Day. Please join us from 1:45 to 3:00PM.

You will need to check in at the front office first. You may take your child home for early dismissal at 3:00PM and after cleaning up the assigned Museum Display area. Thanks so much for all of your support.

Thank YOU!

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful Semester 1. I can not believe that Quarter 2 is coming to a close. I send you all best wishes for a peaceful holiday season and much joy in 2015.