Analyzing abstract Concepts

by Joi Benton (I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings)

Denotation, Connotation, and Association.

Denotation of the word racism: the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Connotation of the word racism: worthless

Association with the word racism: prejudice, early 1900s

Denotation of the words low self-esteem: feeling unworthy, incapable, and incompetent

Connotation of the words low self-esteem: Not good enough

Association with the word low self-esteem: No self worth

Denotation of the word sexism: prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

Connotation of the word sexism: Less of a person

Association with the word sexism: Prejudice

What does these concepts mean to me?

Racism to me means that people feel like they are of a higher power than you or something, They feel as if their race is the best, so they begin to treat other races as if they're nothing.

Low self esteem to me is what little girls and/or boys do not receive enough attention from others so they feel as if they aren't worth the attention. Having low self esteem can really destroy your personality, and you begin to let little boys and girls take advantage of you, if they give you the attention you've never seen before.

Sexism is just on the same course as racism is to me, only instead of feeling superior to another ace, you feel superior to another gender. Its all dumb to me, and I honestly can't believe some people think that, but hey, that the way the world goes.

What does these concepts look like in my novel?

Racism in the book is the overall situations going on. Since it was dated back in the early 1900s, there are lots of racist situations happening. For example, when Maya was working for Mr. Cullinan, because the lady was white and Maya was black, and she dropped her plate, she called her all types of racist N Words.

Low Self-Esteem in the book is what Maya had all through her childhood, since she was told she was ugly all her adolescent life. Having low self-esteem led Maya to believe that Mr. Freeman actually lobed her when he tried to rape her the first time, and he held her after he did hs business on her.

Sexism in the book is what Maya encounters constantly throughout the book. One for being a female, and two for being an African American female. Her rape shows the sexism in her childhood pretty well, because I don't believe if Maya was a male, Mr. Freeman would not have done that to her.

What does these concepts look like in society?

Racism in our society today is all too common, especially since it is the 21st century. We see racism in our court cases, in our schools, even in our politicians sometimes display some sort of racist behavior.

Low Self-Esteem in our society is most common in our girls of this generation. In society girls with little self-esteem tend to let little boys do whatever it is they wanna do to them, and get disrespected for the attention they want. Then we see the pregnancy rate go up because the little boys tell them they love them, and don't use any protection when they do take advantage of them.

Sexism in our society also is common against most females. I guess the male figure thinks the woman isn't good enough but to be in the kitchen and the bedroom, and is not strong enough to stand up for herself. So we see lots of women getting abused, and treated poorly because of this stupid mindset.

Picture that embodies Racism.

In this picture, we see two white eggs looking all mean to the brown egg, as if they don't want the brown egg to be in the bunch. This represents racism well, since we commonly see racism between white people and black people.

Picture that embodies Low Self-Esteem

In this picture, there's a girl who has all types of labels on her about what she feels about herself. The labels she has on her are how most girls feel about themselves in today's society, which all lead to having low self esteem about not being good enough.

Picture that embodies Sexism

In this picture, we see that the caption of the lady with a ketchup bottle saying "You mean a woman can open it. This is a form of sexism, being that men believe that women aren't strong enough to do the things they can for the simple fact that they are a female.