The Legend of Connor Turley

UCF Knight

All you'll probably need to (and care to) know about me

  • I'm from a small city called Niceville, FL. It's located in the panhandle of Florida and is about 6 hours away. (See the link below)
  • I chose UCF because the city of Orlando and the large scale of the campus drastically contrast the small area I recently lived in.
  • I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering and would like to pursue a career in the design of automobiles. My dream would be to start my own car company. (You know, like Pagani, Koenigsegg, and Tesla)

Why I chose the EXCEL Program

  • The EXCEL/COMPASS program was an important decision for me because I believe it will really connect me with students that share common interests with me. I also chose to join EXCEL because I believed that the resources it provided would also be greatly beneficial in the first year of my college career.

Unique Facts About Me

  • My favorite genre of music is heavy metal. My favorite band being Lamb of God.
  • I have an obsession with modern architecture. I could look at right angles all day.
  • It's one thing to watch NASCAR on TV and make fun of it. But going to a race and hearing 32,000 horsepower start up all at once is... awesome.
  • My first job was working at Little Caesar's