Introduction to Cloud computing

Cloud computing services include:

Introduction to Cloud computing services

These are services that aid in provision of information technology specifically over the internet or through utilization of networks that are fully dedicated. Cloud computing services will always deliver basing on payment and demand to so.

Cloud computing services include:

• Servers

• Storage

• Virtual desktops

• Full applications

• Development platforms

How do cloud computing services work?

There are several characteristics that are attributed to cloud computing services:

1. Elastic

This is where services and resources are automatically scaled; cloud computing services can either be scaled upwards or downwards.

2. Virtualization

Here, cloud computing utilizes different servers and storage tools to allocate or relocate resources efficiently.

3. Multi tenancy

Cloud computing services collect different resources and then share them among different users in order to gain economies of scale.

4. Access to different networks

Cloud resources are accessed via web browsing using a variety of devices from instance computers, smart phones and tablets.

5. on demand
Cloud computing services utilizes configurations that are pre-defined and other online catalogues to provision its resources

6. charge back

It is also referred to as metering; here resources are tracked and then billed. Cloud computing services fully rely on service management to perform its functions.

Benefits of cloud computing services

Cloud computing services are beneficial in that:

• They have led to greater information technology productivity in most organizations

• Cloud computing services have enhanced security in different sectors

• Ensured that there is protection of information assets in most organizations

• Promoted higher scalability which has continually met demands in different organizations

• Led to proper utilization of most investments within an organization

• Led to reduction of different costs for instance; infrastructure, facility costs and some productivity costs
• Different contents and applications within the organization can be easily accessed.

In conclusion,cloud computing services have promoted growth and continued productivity in different organizations.

Specialized cloud computing service features

Cloud computing services can also be delivered to third parties because of different features:

• Infrastructure as a service

Infrastructure as a service is usually provided via the public internet or any dedicated network connection. Here, users are allowed to own and manage other operating services. In addition users can manage their own operating systems, applications and additional information running on infrastructure. Common tools are; networking, storage, security tools and computation of data.

• Platform as a service

Platform as a service aids in provision of hardware and software required to operate most cloud based application. Services are usually provided via dedicated network connections, VPN and public networks. In platform as a service users are allowed to control and monitor all applications.

• Software as a service

The software has to be accessed via the public internet and then offered basing on the nature of subscription. The software used by cloud computing services operates specifically on computers managed by software as a service. In addition, Software as a service manages all the installed operations.

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