JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of October 22, 2019

What's going on in class?


We have officially completed our first module in 6th grade!! Our week started with the final quiz of module one (everyone survived)! We will start module 2 next week, we will be covering fractions a large portion of this module. Before we begin module 2 we will have a few review days in order to better assess where students are excelling and areas in which they are struggling. There will be a quiz next week over fractions. Thanks so much for all of you support and working with your kiddos. Have a great weekend.

Language Arts

Next week students will be starting the novel Hatchet in Language Arts. Please continue to ask your student about their weekly reading interests. (Please remind your student Hatchet is not permitted for weekly reading log).

Nightly reading homework-

Studies have shown that reading just 20 minutes per day will expose students to over a million words per year. This will then likely improve school grades as well as increase state standardized test scores. Please check with your child be make sure they are doing their nightly reading homework and filling out the log that goes with it.


This week in science we continued to learn about how the fossil record helps scientists learn about changes in organisms and their environment. On Monday students made coffee ground fossils in class. The "fossils" will be sent home when they are dry - hopefully on Thursday. The recipe is very simple and students should be able to recreate them at home if they would like!

Students keep their Science Interactive Notebooks (INBs) in the classroom, but they are always welcome to take them home with them as long as they return the next day.

Social Studies

This week in social studies we worked on a research project about Ancient Egypt. Students were given the choice of 1 of 15 topics to research about Ancient Egypt. These topics included Cleopatra, the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Egyptian Mythology, and more. The students spent time researching and assembling their project beginning on Friday, October 18. On Thursday of this week, students began presenting their projects to the class. Next week we will continue to study Ancient Egypt and its impact on the modern world.

It was great to meet many of you at conferences and I hope you enjoy your 3 day weekend!

Canned Food Drive

JCMS is hosting a canned food drive to benefit Wheels of Hope. Please bring in canned food items during the week of October 28-31, 2019. Suggested items to bring in canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned spaghetti sauce, canned meats or canned beans.

Student Led Conferences

We really enjoyed getting to know all of the parents and guardians that were able to come to conferences this week! If you were not able to attend your scheduled conference, please contact your student's CAT time teacher to reschedule or to have a phone conference. Tuesday night students got a chance to visit with representatives from several local colleges. We are so happy that students got a chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

6th grade fun!

Students of the Week!

Each week teachers will be nominating Team 2 students who demonstrate good character, work ethic, leadership, and or overall growth/ improvements. Below are our Students of the Week!

No Name Papers

We have had several no name papers turned in this year. If a student thinks they turned in an assignment but it shows missing in the grade book it is likely they didn't put a name on it. Please remind your child to always put their name, class, and hour on their papers.

Team 2 Expectations

Team 2 is consistent in our expectations in all our courses to create the best and most conducive learning environment for all students. We create these expectations and go over them multiple times with the team to insure that all students are able to be successful. We encourage you to review the expectations and discuss them with your student.


Students will be sending out weekly grade updates each Friday via e-mail. Please make sure your student has your email address as well as it being updated in Skyward. Parents will also have access to student grades at all times through the Skyward website or app. If you are unable to access Skyward please contact the office for further help.

Upcoming Events

10/14- No School

10/21- Student Led Conference

10/22- Student Led Conference

10/23- Student Led Conference

10/25- No School

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