Vero Beach Elementary

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Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Some of you have figured it out based on our letter home and previous Principal's Press, our theme this year will be "Lights, Camera, Action!!!" Feel free to use this as a platform for decorating your classroom and hallway. If you have another theme in mind, no worries. We will be shining a spotlight on the amazing things taking place at VBE, the awesome ALL-STAR cast, and our data as it consistently climbs throughout the year utilizing our large scale data wall in the front office.

Please don't forget, we will be doing a team-building retreat on Saturday July 30th (paid) from 9-2pm. We will be creating grade level flags, so start hitting up pinterest for ideas. Paint, paint brushes, and flags will be provided.

Please bring anything else your grade level may need. Yes... it will be a part of a competition!!!

Museum Steam Learning

Thank you so much to the 2/3 STEAM TEAM that participated in the online PD and Unit Planning at the Vero Beach Museum of Art this summer.

Ms. Walters
Ms. Blidgen
Ms. Tobin
Ms. Berwick
Ms. Poplar
Ms. Bucknor
Ms. Belford
Ms. Beuten

You guys are rock stars!! We can't wait to see the unit in action!
This project will involve completion of a collaborative lesson/unit and Museum field trips for each grade

Hammond Groves VBE Retreat

July 30th 9:00 AM.
Please keep in mind that it's deep in the groves, so you may want to leave your home a little early to be there at 9:00 am.
The address is below.
It's off of 60 and WAAAAAAY far down on 82nd Avenue.
We will have signs out there so you don't get lost in the groves (like rachel and I did..haha)

We will have BBQ lunch provided by Sonny's.

Current Map!!!

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Current List of all the awesome enrichment opportunities we will have at VBE.
Please email me if you are interested in adding to our list. :)

SAC Chair- Sue Fred
Volleyball Club- Singewald
Equations and Presidents- Keeley
Linguistiks- Hatcher
Stem with Girls- Berwick
Girls on the Run- Craner
Yearbook- Henson
Robotics- Getchell
Dance Club- Poplar and Bucknor
Patrols- McMillan and Rochon
Golden Indians NJHS- Ragley and ? :)
Student Council- Daphne Robinson
Urban Poetry Slam Group- Glickstein
Cheerleading- Belford
Coding and Mine-Craft EDU- Trevisol
Indians of Integrity- WIlliams
Gentleman's Group- Lee
Music Enrichment- Newhouse

Community Supplements-
March of Dimes- Ragley
Relay for Life- Segroves
Sunshine Committee- Segroves

Phone Numbers and Contact Info

Cindy Emerson
cell phone 772-971-1991

Rachel Moree
cell phone 772-713-6096