By: Logan Sayre


Scotland's government is called a limited government, which they vote for their leader


in Scotland they speak English with a thick Scottish accent .

Compare & Contrast

Scotland is cold and rainy most of the year, so they need to bundle up more than we do in the United States. They speak English like most Americans. Also, the US and Scotland were in ww1 and ww2.

Country Basics

name: Scotland

capital: Edinburg

meaning of flag: it represents the crucifixion of St. drew


location: UK, surrounded by great Brittan & England

major landforms: coastlines, rivers and lochs

major landmarks: Edinburg castle, Edinburg old town, royal mile and more


They are a rich nation, using Euros & pounds. Their imports and exports include: manufactured goods, machinery, fuel, and food.


Men wear a traditional skirt called a kilt. They also use bagpipes as a common instrument. Plaid is a common print, and wool a common material.


Scotland's climate is generally cold and wet. The rainfall averages 250 days out of the year and 4577 ML, which makes it a very cloudy place.


They were in WW1 and WW2, which contributed to having more freedom. They also fought many battles with England over land, so the Anglo Scottish border changed often.