Christopher Columbus

Read all about the greatest sailor to ever sail the seas!

Read about the best sailor to ever sail the seas!

We all know that Christopher Columbus sail the seas and went to discover America, Right? Well there may not be some things you might have known like he was turned down 2 times to try to sail. and that when he left back for his money that they said that if he didn't he would not get the money but he did so he got the money.So when he was gone he ordered his men to make shelter and when they were doing so the Indians tried to kill them. And also that he was born in Genoa, Italy.

We all know him the sailor of all sailors, The one and only, Christopher Columbus!!

When Christopher was just a kid he and his brother grew up in the same home town and the same state together. But when Christopher went and left to sail with his buddies and other sailors his boat sank. When he got back to his home town from swimming he saw his brothers shop and found that he wanted to be a map maker. But later on he wanted to be a sailor again so he went to the king of Spain and they turned him down. But he went one more time and the king said "when we defeat the mores you have a deal". And sure enough he did he got his ship and was off.