Classroom Connections

Mrs. Sedlar's Class

Important Dates

1-14 Lac Lawrann

1-15 End of 2nd Quarter & Falcon Frenzy & Junior Achievement

1-21 Family Fitness Night 6:30-8:00pm

1-18 No School

1-21 Math Galileo Mid Year Test

1-22 Reading Galileo Mid Year Test

1-25 Report Cards Online

1-26 Conferences- This conference time has been cancelled and we are doing conferences on 2-4 instead.

2-4 Conferences- Times and info to come!!

This Week in 1st Grade:

Math: We will be taking our Module 2 test on Tuesday next week. Then we will begin Module 3 which is a short chapter on measurement!

Reading: We are continuing to learn how to summarize what we read in our own words. We also are identifying characters, setting, problem and solutions in the stories and texts we read.

Writing: We are prewriting our Narrative stories. First we draw out our story to make sure we have our characters, setting, problem and solution. Then we use our picture to create our written piece.

Science: We have our own little green house in here!! We have planted Brassica, Rye grass & alfalfa, and also wheat! Ask your child how we planted our wheat without using any soil and what they think will happen! (Straw with paper towel stuck in it half way and the seed sits on the paper towel. The paper towel sucks up water and the wheat grows!)

Spelling Words

Spelling words for this week are:







**digraph ch and sh**

Junior Achievement

Tommy's dad (Joe) has volunteered his time to come to our class and do a program called Junior Achievement. Through 5 sessions together our students will learn about families, their needs & wants, learn about jobs and ways people earn money, use a floor map to locate businesses, and become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses! The kids are going to love it!! Thanks Joe!! We are looking forward to having you!!


As you may have noticed that conferences on January 26th have been cancelled and we will be having conferences on February 4th instead. I will get you the times as soon as I get them. Also, stay tuned for information about these conferences as I think we will be trying something new!! Please know that you can always contact me whenever you have questions and concerns and it doesn't have to be scheduled conference times. If you ever want to meet just let me know! Also, rest assured that if I have major concerns that I have spoken with you! Thanks for all you do!!