Five Themes of Houston

Natasha Tiffany

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Relative Location and Absolute Location

The first picture shows Relative Location: Houston is a port city that reaches the Galveston Bay on the east side. From there, ships can reach Houston through the Gulf of Mexico.

Absolute Location: The exact coordinates of Houston are: 29.7628° N, 95.3831° W

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Houston is a concrete jungle. Highways and roads weave in and out of the city's skyscrapers. Houston is very, very flat, with almost no changes in scenery for miles. Pine trees are the most common tree in this area.

Houston's culture is very business oriented. The entire city bustles with activity at all hours of the day.

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Houston sits in the Gulf Coast region on Texas. The weather in this region tends to be more mild than the inland regions, since the Gulf of Mexico helps regulate the weather.
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Houston has attracted many people to the city and surrounding areas because of the large port. The city also has easy access to the many oil rigs that are spread out in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Human-Environment Interactions

People living in Houston have to keep in mind of the danger that nature possesses. More than a few hurricanes have battered the coastal city, like Hurricane Ike. Ike had cost almost 10 billion dollars worth of damage.

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Human-Environment Interaction: