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February 26, 2016

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Integrating Technology into Our Everyday Classroom Experience

It can be overwhelming when considering the pace at which technology evolves in our lives and the lives of students. Often times it is our students who first understand and fully harness the potential of technology leaving us behind. As educators, we must find ways to help students take full advantage of these technologies while being responsible citizens. Adopting the right approach to technology usage can be transformational. The effective integration of technology can often empower students, regardless of their strengths and abilities, to actively participate in their learning and meet academic goals.

However, educators are often hesitant or unsure of their abilities to integrate technology into their everyday classroom experience. Through careful planning and a sincere desire to facilitate learning, teachers can make necessary changes to embrace what is good about technology and throw away what is bad.

After understanding the why, the big question is, how? How can a teacher fully integrate technology? Here are just a few suggestions to consider.

  1. Combine the technology with already existing good teaching practices.
  2. Be flexible and allow your students a choice of technology.
  3. Blend technology into everyday class routines.
  4. Don't promote technology as a reward but simply as a tool to learn.
  5. Consider the location and availability of technology tools.
  6. When lesson planning ask yourself "How would technology help?"
  7. Take it slow with one tool at a time until it's second nature.
  8. Allow your students to teach you.
  9. Find tools that are useful for a variety of lessons.

Remember, technology should enhance and often augment successfully established teaching practices. If done correctly, technology can help students achieve great success.


Share YouTube Videos without Distractions

Here are a few methods of sharing YouTube videos in your classroom that may be helpful.

  1. Embed in Google Slides- Create a slideshow at https://docs.google.com/presentation/ and click Insert>Video. Search for a video and select it.
  2. Use the YT Full Fill Extension- Add this Chrome extension. When you find a YouTube video you want to share, click this extension to display it.
  3. View Pure- Simply copy and past a YouTube URL into the box on this site. http://viewpure.com/

Signed up for Twitter Yet?

There are still so many educators not signed up for Twitter. I was certainly late to adopting it's use too, but decided to stick with it for a month and see what it was all about. It's now been 5 years. Most educators understand how useful a Google search can be to find resources online but how would you like to conduct a search online along with personal recommendations from your colleagues and friends? I consider Twitter to be a social search engine. Often times I find myself no longer using Google to search for information but Twitter. Not only do you find some good resources but you can see who among your friends and colleagues are using that same resource and how. Some users of Twitter even have regular Twitter chats on various topics. What a great tool for professional learning.

Here is a great list of Education Chats you can join.

Create an account today! https://twitter.com/

Why Teachers Should Use Twitter (Video)

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