Brianna Uhnak (echo)

How much does the average person get paid?

The average person gets paid daily $11.90 a day. The average per month is $359.04.

By the time bills are paid and food is bought for the family, they only have about $10.00 or less left.

Who did Ecuador gain independence from?

On May 24 of 1822 the Ecuadorians gained independence from the Spanish.

This is now their Independence Day every year!

What holidays dose Ecuador celebrate and why?

February-March Carnaval is celebrated Just before ''Lent". This is an ultimate party celebrated just before "Ash Wednesday". Also because this part of their everyday lives from February through March.

How high is Ecuador? How does this effect their everyday lives?

Outio,the capital, is 9,350 (ft) above sea level.

This is bad because Ecuador has a lot of air polution problems. Along with this, the Andes run through Ecuador, which stops polution from leaving.

(population 15,737,878)

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