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Issue 1

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Seoul-ful Journey

By Mary Joy Roxas

Some people collect things while others opt for experiences. I am more on the latter and I do so by hopping on and off each unfamiliar place, to which my latest is Seoul, South Korea – The Land of the Morning Calm.

Why Seoul?

Not really my top priority as I can only imagine how high the cost of living, hence the travel expenses, in this first world country is. However, my good friends roped me to saying yes and so our flights were booked the moment we spot a relatively cheap airfare.

What to do?

On available tours, sites to visit, places to eat and which hostel to rent, I'm pretty sure Google has the answer. I bet it even has a detailed itinerary based on your length of stay. Hence, this doesn't cover those but focuses on the experience instead.

For me, Seoul is a place where you can lose yourself roaming the streets (yes, even without specific place to reach!). The streets are filled with buskers, arts & crafts, food stalls, and shopping havens. Each turn is a new discovery of the city and the unfamiliar place. And along with it comes the rediscovery of your own self.

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For most of us, probably studying History puts us to sleep? But when you're in a foreign country, don't make it a miss. Head on to a historical place or a museum and learn its past from those who know it so well. The fast facts will surprise you!

and since Koreans speak the vernacular, conversing in English is a bit of pain. But guess what? It makes the trip even more exciting: when you get to express yourself with your gestures, and the receiver magically understands! Their sneaky glances at us because we look foreigners with the maps, and them trying to initiate help assuming we're lost, oh I miss them! I miss Korea! So if you're planning on your next trip, maybe you could try this S(e)oulful journey! :)


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Mary Joy Roxas

You are probably just around the corner,
Or someone at the other side of the globe.
We probably have met passingly somewhere,
Or could it be that you’re totally in a different road.

I am curious about your looks.
I long to see those eyes that would show me your soul.
I long to touch the curve of your nose,
And your lips, the way it smiles, the sound of your voice.
I long to touch your arms, feel its warmth and comfort.
Your welcoming belly, I hope not flabby.

I long to see you as a person,
To discover your each and every part,
And know it by heart.
Mostly, I’m eager to know you,
Your hopes and dreams,
Frustrations and pet peeves.

We’d talk about our past
And laugh at each other’s mistakes.
We’d look back to where we came from,
But from the on, we’d face the future as one.

While I wait, I’d do things to help me grow.
So when I met you, the strong, mature, and compassionate man,
You’d be proud of your wife to come.
See, I’m a hopeless romantic woman,
Writing cheesy lines to an anonymous one.


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Jed Sy and Anna Dipasupil

This is a testament of hard work and dedication of Marlon, Jed, and Anna; each week they provide updates and status of the ageing tickets by discussing what was done and what needs to be done to resolve and close out each ageing tickets directly to the ALU Solution Leader.

They do very well that they can answer any ticket specific questions from Solution Leader even when they are not the owners of these tickets. This shows how prepared they are and how well they understood ongoing issues for eSpares.

Here's to share as well the feedback coming from ALU Solution Lead (Rich) and eSpares SLM for Marlon, Jed, and Anna:

" Also just like to say the ticket review went really well, and that Rich gave Marlon and Anna great feedback on how well they understand the various issues that are ongoing on eSpares and what progress we've made on each :D which I whole heartedly agree with" - Paul Welsh

Thank you guys and I really appreciate the work that you do for eSpares and most especially for our customers.

Keep up the good work!

- Maricar Quiambao

Julian de Dios

Hello Eugene,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the great support I continue to receive from Yani De Dios.

During the past couple of years that I have worked with Yani on numerous EBox issues and other problems, he has never stopped impressing me with his dedication and work ethic. Yani is always ready to help by both providing direct support, as well as referring issues to the right person, with prompt follow-up communication on resolved issues.

Yani is always checking the status of the open issues he is working on, even when his shift is over, making sure that no open questions remain that may be preventing the timely resolution of an issue.

I am sure that I am not the only one who recognizes and appreciates his excellent work.

-Leo Folkinshteyn


Hi Julian – I did not know that they call you “Yani”, now I know! J

I also learned that Leo was an ALU BE before Griffin, what’s worth noting in his message below is the you were able to keep the level of professionalism, dedication and sense of ownership in your interaction with him! Excellent work indeed, please keep it up!

- Eugene Yasay

Good job to Julian! J Hope to see more!

-Francis Zarate

Well done, Yani! Please continue to provide meaningful and timely service to our clients J. For Leo to write this means he’s really happy and grateful for your service – really looking at you as a dependable partner. Keep it up!

-Arcie Nicodemus

What an excellent letter of recognition from Leo, as Arcie says this indicates how much your efforts are valued, please keep up the great work.

-Harry Adamson

Joyce Ricafort

Joyce, thank you for the A+ work, overall ownership and the proactive attitude as SD SME for the US ERP project. I'd like to recognize you for:
- excellently providing input and sharing your expertise on current BP solution

- reviewing the functional and technical documentation, going through huge amounts of information, digesting, processing and presenting it in an understandable way

- putting together a solution overview document that clearly summarizes the new solution for the project. This was an arduous but very important task to assessing risk for the new solution. Much appreciated by Lee Mulvaney and the Application Leads

- highlighting risks and speaking up to bring attention to items that need to be escalated

- always executing with a great attitude and work ethic

Thank you for being a KEY asset to the project as well as "guarding the gates" for Manila. No easy feat to do on top of your usual deliverables for SD but you did it! They weren't kidding when they said the US ERP SMEs were the best of the best. My deepest thanks and looking forward to hearing about how you'll wow even more people in the future!

-Jess Morado

I truly appreciate all your contributions as our SME for the US ERP Project! Jess, acting as change manager highlighted not only your technical expertise but also your attitude and work ethics, EXCELLENT JOB! Please keep it up and continue to WOW us! Thanks a lot!J

-Eugene Yasay

Marie Junne Santos

Hello Marie Junne

Well…, great explanation!

Thank you for the time spent to share it with me. If there is no way thru insertion of the text in another field than the field I completed, Yes, please, change the code as you propose.

Thank you for this improvement

-Xavier Simon


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for the following L3 resources who helped out with the execution of Pre - NRT scripts for Blue Planet April Merge.

I have had the opportunity to observe your professional skills as well as interpersonal style and can say that you all are consistently pleasant, and takes on all assignments with enthusiasm and dedication regardless of deadlines or other pressure. This is the very first time we’ve helped the L2 resources with the execution of their scripts and I must say that we all did a very good job on this one despite pressure with other deliverables.

Again, thank you for such an outstanding performance:

•Jhino Emilio Tagle

•Airam Santiago Ramos

•Ryan Prodigalidad

•Angelo Luis Mistades

•John Paul Cupcupin

- Joseph Manzanero (Otep)

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