Charming Locket Ladies

October Newsletter


Our team did an awesome job this month!! With the release of the Holiday catalog and the Holly jolly box of happy how could we not!! We had an awesome month not only in sales, but in new designers as well!! Our team did over $77,000 in sales and we added more then 25 designers!! Way to go!
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Way to go to our Top sales producers for October

#1!! Stephanie Mills $2253
2. Deborah Porter $2152
3. Stephanie Johnson $2140
4. Joan Milligan $2087
5. Christine Kopecky $1967
6. Tiffany Peacock $1772
7. Elizabeth DeRolio $1740
8. Jessica Grajales $1520
9. Catherine Nevin $1486
10. Tracy Greely $1476

Way to go to our Top sponsers!!

Whooo Hoo to superstar Joan milligan for 5 new designers!!

Designers who sponsored 2
Stephanie Mills, Jamie buser, Gail Jones, Lisa Young, Tiffany Peacock

Designers who sponsored 1
Christine Kopecky, Amy Blackmon, Marriane Mangold, Brianna Scott, Yalonda Adams, Caitlin Kelly, Jamie White, Stephanie Johnson, Diana Sadler, Lori Johns, Karla Hogart/Hanna Trotter, Lisa Edwards


Congratulations to the following who made thier promotions this month of Leading Designers
Lena Drain
Christine Kopecky
Marrianne Mangold
Noreen Thomas
Lori Johns

Welcome to our new Designers!

Gary Gerald, Sharon Wilson, Danae Heath, Jodi Byrne, Chelsea Davis, Laura Bougher, Carla Carboaugh, Kimberly Beaver, Mary Villeneuve, Elese Severe, Mary/Pat Rallo, Mary Wallace, Ashley Mallard, Patty Moran, Melissa Bridges, Theresa Burdette, Tisha Edwards, Ana Snowden, Sherry Smith, Kimberly Berlardo, Nichole Bellows, Lois Strickland, Victoria Johann, Christal Scott, Dawn Wilmoth, Josie Dunlap, Theresa Holland
we are so happy to have you all!!
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Force for good award

Our force for good award for October goes to Tracy Greely!! She is a true person who on a daily basis practices the mission statement to the fullest, She Joined the Origami Owl family because of the statement and seeks out foundations and familys to help in what ever what that she can. With a little over a year with our company she has been a consistent top sales producer and she has given most of her income produced from Origami Owl to others. One Particular foundation she took to heart was the Haley foundation, Seen in the photo below she knew Haley loved turtles saw this one and knew she had to have it, She has traveled to different states with her own money to set up Jewelry bars only to donate 100% of what ever she earned to the cause. She is always upbeat and positive and makes a difference in the lives of others I am so proud of her!!
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Text me your name goal for the rest of the year and the cup you want me to draw the name out of. 410-207-6579