Salem Witch Trials

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Why did Witchcraft come to mind?

Girls began getting indescribable symptoms like screaming& speaking gibberish out of nowhere. Soon many girls in Salem began getting the "symptoms" of witchcraft. And they didn't understand anything about a lot of everything. And to make it worse, the Puritans made inquisitions about how witchcraft was the only reason for these very young and healthy girls getting things like panic attacks.

The next step was to find these so-called "Witches". Now how did they do that?

These young girls that got with the symptoms wanted all the attention they could get so they accused people. And they were people like their neighbors that they fought with over things like land. the courts also searched the accused women's houses looking for family heirlooms or old artifacts that looked "witchy". They would also strip the women in front of everyone looking for birthmarks or any way a demon could connect to, or control, you. or if you had a bad reputation in Salem or didn't have good social skills.Also if you were friends with suspected witch or if you were accused for other things, such as theft or slander, before.

How were the trails after they rounded up the witches? And how did they get the confessions out of these women?

These poor women would resort to getting down on their knees and beg saying they weren't guilty. And while doing so they would be asked to say to recite the Lord's prayer with no mistakes, stammering, or stumbling. And, many of the accusers would provide false witnesses with false testimonials. And the harshest way to get a confession was to torture them. The court would dunk them, being thrown into rivers, or press them, having rocks piled over you.

How did they punish the women that confessed?

Now here's the part that is just horrible. If you said that you were guilty then they would just throw you into jail or filthy prisons. But if you stuck with yourself then they would doubt you. or throw you into rivers to see what happens. if you floated to the top then you were a witch, but if you drowned then you were innocent. So either way you would die, innocent or guilty. And if that didn't work, they would burn you at the stake. Sometimes they would also strip you down until your naked and press very huge rocks on you until you die. they would also "strappado' you. ( hosting a pulley to pull your arms from their sockets)

Salem Witch Trials: The Story of the Witch Hunt

So, what happens after the trials and the punishements?

So, for the women that were thrown in jail, were treated horribly and unfairly. Most of the women in jail also died. They starved to death or were tortured just because they were convicted. And through all of that, people just went on accusing, punishing, and killing innocent people.

Now how did the Salem Witch Trials affect the people of Salem?

Afterwards many people from other palces came in and persuaded the courts thgat what they were doing was wrong. After Judge William Stoughton left, Governer Phips let everyone in prison, that was in there for witchcraft, out. These trials created a painful legacy for the accused and the accusers. The accused's families were apologized to for their losses. They killed suprisingly old& young women & men and those lives can't ever be replaced. Familiesmourned greatly for the loses and cruel witch trials.
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