Issues in America

katharine maxwell

Writing Prompt #1

I can relate the most to The Twenty-Six Malignant Gates because lack of communication is something my mom and I struggle with. Although the mother was right and the daughter ends up falling the reader and the daughter never know what reasoning the mother has to believe her daughter will fall. When the mother is asked why she believes her daughter will fall she gives her an answer that is unprovable. All mothers and their children have tension and lack communication at some point in their relationships. “Because then I cannot see you and you will fall down and cry and I will not hear you (Tan 87).”

Writing prompt #2

If I could read another story I would choose the Su family. This family faces the most adversity which makes them the most interesting in my opinion. Stories with a great deal of conflict are fascinating to read because I always want to read faster just to see what happens in the end.

Writing prompt #3

“And later, I discovered that maybe that it was fate all along, that faith was just an illusion that somehow you’re in control… things of unquestioned certainty could never be trusted again (Tan 121).” I relate to this quote because while I believe in fate I also believe that people should create their own paths. Fate depends on the choices a person makes on their own and those decisions led to a persons destiny. Faith is an illusion that helps people believe they have control over their lives.

Thematic paragraph

People can hide their identity in order to prevent unfortunate situations that could theoretically happen or have already happened. Ying-Ying without her identity makes her passive and aloof. Ying-Ying proclaims “ I [keep] my true nature hidden” and compares herself to “a small shadow(67).” Ying-Ying can tell her daughters identity is incomplete and that she is struggling and becoming passive like her mother. Ying-Ying use to have a wild spirit and didn’t let anything stop her but after a series of tragic events hides her spirit. Ying-Ying says she loves her shadow because, “this dark side of me that had the same restless nature (72).” By the end of the book she regains the part of her identity that she lost. While she loses her identity for awhile she regains the tiny sliver that is still left in her.