Ship's Log

Week of February 11, 2019

Let's focus on KINDNESS all week long...

Remember to do a 'uniform check' after attendance

High Expectations for students.... We're teaching Respect & Responsibility

give out LOTS of snowflakes for ALL the good you do see :)


  • Kids want/need to feel heard
  • Kids want teachers who smile and are happy (the same that adults want from bosses)
  • How do your students know you love your job?
  • Teach every child the way you would want your own child/grandchild taught
  • Be what you want to see
  • Kids need to leave your class feeling better than when they arrived

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Denise Lawson Please sign up for the next couple of months PLEASE-

Sue is out Monday-and possibly the rest of the week-

Carrie will cover MS Design Lab/ Technology- Grades K-5 classes are canceled if Sue is out. If you need any coverage/prep time- let me know and I'll see what I can do...

Monday- (Day 102) Ally out all week- Leah McNally covering

Choir 8:30, School Mass 9:00

10:30 gr 6 tour

Staff Meeting 3:30-5:00 room 8- Michelle Hosting

Tuesday (Day 103) Bobbie out AM- Admin Mtg, Val out Jury Duty

Andy Armadillo visit 10:30

Texas Roadhouse Night out 4:00-9:00

Wednesday (Day 104)

NJHS Meeting

PTO Out of Dress Day

Spelling Bee 1:00 ALL welcome

PTO Meeting 6:00- Alissa the teacher rep!

Thursday (Day 105) Happy Valentine's Day!

Think KIND Assembly 9:30

Friday (Day 106)

12:00 Tour Kindergarten

Saturday- Basketball Games

1:00 5-8 Girl's Championship Game at Monty Tech... come support our Lady Tigers!!!

Happy Birthday

Sunday- Vitto Piermarini, Cade Morphy and 1/2 bday Annie Carlson

Monday- Donovan Campbell

Tuesday- Alfred Khazen


Thursday- Gianna Alfonso, Olivia Temple


Saturday- Mrs. Earley, Thefania Tetteh

Before // After School Activities:

Monday- Choir 8:30

Tuesday- BOK 4-8, Photography Club, Comp. Science Club

Wednesday- Ski Club, Book Club, Cooking Club, Mindful Movement

Thursday- BOK K-3, Lego Club, Drama


After School Clubs January 7- February 15

To Do List:

  • Send your GOOD NEWS postcards home to students... more in the office!

  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week

  • Let's focus on KINDNESS Activities this month!!!
  • Blizzard of Kindness- Let's make it SNOW in the lobby- give out those snowflakes!!! Set a goal for 10 a day and see if you can double that!!!

Wonderful things I saw this week:

- Teachers pitching in with staff out

- 5th graders leaving KIND sticky notes on 1st floor cubbies

- A kindness lesson in grade 5- trying to put a heart back together

- Staff coming together as a TEAM - and a great discussion and sharing!!!

Good News Call of the Day

Don't forget to make your PAWSitive Referrals! We're almost half way through the year so we need to TRIPLE or efforts... try to suggest a couple each week!

Teach Like A Pirate!

What strategy are YOU trying this week? What gets students running INTO your classroom?

The 'P' in pirate stands for Passion: "Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things."- Denis Diderot

read or re-read the Passion chapter this week. What are your Content, Professional, and personal passions ad how can you incorporate those into your lessons?

Let me know if you use any PIRATE hooks so we can share with colleagues!

EdCamp NQ March 16

Here's another EdCamp opportunity in Orange MA. Alissa and I attended last year. Who will join us?

Upcoming Events:

2/11 School Mass 9:00

2/13 PTO Out of Dress

2/13 Spelling Bee 1:00 (gr 4-8)

2/13 PTO Meeting 6:00

2/14 THINK KIND assembly 9:30

2/14 Valentine Celebrations

2/18-2/24 Winter Vacation

3/1 Middle School Dance at St. Leo's

3/2 Read Across America Day/Dr Seuss Birthday

3/4 No School Mass

3/5 Shrove Tuesday

3/6 Ash Wednesday- Mass 9:00

3/8 Early Dismissal- PD :) (lunch preferences???)

3/10 Daylight Savings

3/11 School Mass 9:00

3/13 PTO Out of Dress / PTO 6:00

3/14 Pi Day

3/16 EdCamp in Orange

3/18 School Mass 9:00, Report Cards Live

3/20 Irish Step Dancing 9:30 - First Day of Spring

3/23 Mother-Son Nerf event

3/25 School Mass 9:00 / Mass for Life

3/30 Speech Declamation

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

February 11-

February 25-

March 4-

March 18

March 25