Mrs. Macey's Classroom News

Week of 5/2-5/6


Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you and your families have done to celebrate my wedding. The shower that the students put on was absolutely beautiful and left me speechless. I am so grateful to work with such wonderful families here at Tanglewood.


Just a reminder that field trip forms along with $6 are due tomorrow. Our field trip will be this Friday. Please remember to send in a bagged lunch.

What We're Learning This Week

Science News

We have been having a TON of fun in science. Over the next few weeks, we will be reviewing units learned in previous grades as well as studying mini-units. The week before break we studied electricity and magnetism. This week we will study weathering, erosion and deposition as well as the water cycle. We will also study the difference between the earth's rotation and revolution.

Math News

This week in math we are continuing to study decimals. Here's what our week will look like:

Monday: Mod 6 Lesson 6:

Use the area model and number line to represent mixed numbers with units of ones, tenths, and hundredths in fraction and decimal forms.

Tuesday: Mod 6 Lesson 7:

Model mixed numbers with units of hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, and hundredths in expanded form and on the place value chart.

Wednesday:Mod 6 Lesson 8:

Use understanding of fraction equivalence to investigate decimal numbers on the place value chart expressed in different units.

Thursday: Mid-Module 6 Test

Friday: No Math, Field Trip


We will have eight new vocabulary words this week. All of the words will be science terms which will go nicely with what we are learning this week. Because of the field trip on Friday, our quiz will be on Monday.

Reading and Writing News

This week in reading and writing we will continue our research for the Wax Museum. The students will also finalize their speech and work on typing up their information for their poster. A reminder sheet will be sent home today with more details so keep your eye out for that.

Abby's Column

This week we are working on our wax museum. We have a lot of cool people to study. We have to do research and type our speech. It’s fun. We are learning about circuits in science. We're doing decimals in math. That’s what we're doing this week.

Building and Testing Circuits