The Job of an Architect

By Nicholas Mochalski 801

Requirements and description

An architect is a person who designs buildings for their clients. The required education to meet the standards is either a masters or bachelors degree in architecture.

Salary for an architect

The average architect gets about 73,000 dollars a year but the more experienced you are the more money you get. People who are more experienced get over 100,000 dollars

Higher advancement

In order to become a higher and more advanced architect the key is to have more promotions and raises and eventually you will get a promotion in architecture like working on bigger projects like building a skyscraper in New York City

Personal Values

One of the requirements is an education in math and at least a little bit of skill in decision making. You need math to decide for example the size of all the rooms and how the tall the building are. You need decision making skills because you also in certain projects have other architects working with you so you need to decide on it