Brittany's game of life

Fun game


I choose to do a Bachelor's degree to go to school for getting to be a teacher. But luckily I have to pay less of my grant amount of $138.25 to pay for my education. And a teacher gets $38,400 a year for regular hours and summer off.

I get to not pay half my paycheck on my money that I need to pay for my health care. I don't have to pay a lot of money for my health plan because it's already taken care of.

I picked a house that I have to pay $175,000 for paying my fees in the house. Plus $1,200 a month for paying my house to the owners.

my utilities i have to pay is not that bad of what money I have work off. And not that bad of money that I have to pay for my utilities is not that much.

Shopping is less than I have to pay for my utilities, because i have to pay $100 less than my utilities that I can spend for shopping. But not too much for shopping, only what I need around the house than toys and candy to eat.

my reflection teach my a lot of things in life that I don't know about. At least I know what to do in my life that helps me budget my money life. So I won't go out of whack if I don't have money left over when I retire and get old in life.

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