LIBS Week 4

Wrapping it up!

Welcome to Week 4!

It's our last week! We are almost done here, but there's lots to keep up with during this final week, so don't lose steam just yet!

Our last discussion is Monday - Wednesday ONLY. The Discussion will be locked on Wednesday at midnight, so don't forget to participate. Please do NOT email me on Thursday or Friday and tell me that you didn't realize the discussion was over on Wednesday. I don't want to be a mean person but I cannot extend the date beyond Wednesday for this one.

The Final Exam will be available beginning Thursday morning and you can access it until midnight on Saturday. Please read the Final Exam FAQ document that I posted in the Week 3 announcement (also available below).

I am grading the Research Log 2 submissions in the order they were received. All Logs will be graded by Wednesday. When yours is graded, please open up your original submission so that you can read my comments (see below). A lot of these concepts are covered on the Final Exam, so you'll want to know if you missed anything major before moving on to the test. Please feel free to ask me any questions about anything you missed on the Log!

Keep up the excellent work and have a great week!

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Final Exam FAQ

click here if you haven't already read about the final exam

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