By Ariana Wheeless period 2

What were the Scottsboro boys on trial for? Did they actually commit this crime?

The Scottsboro boys were on trial for rapping white women. They didn't commit this crime because it wouldn't make sense for nine men to rape two girls. It also doesn't make sense because one of the men was deadly sick and one was blind. They also said they weren't even in the car with the lady.

Describe Alabama's, including the jury's, reaction to the boys and the trial.

The trials were very much similar. The jury filled with all white men convicted the nine men and they were sentenced.

How is the trial similar to Tom Robinsons trial? How is it different?

Both of the trials take places in the 1930's. Both the trials took place in Alabama. Both the trials were accusing black men, and the accusers were white women. Both the black men were sentenced. Both juries were filled of only white men. It was different because in the Scottsboro trial they were accusing 9 black men and in Tom Robinsons case they were only accusing him.


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