New Species!

New Flying Creature Scientists say came from bats


The illusive creatures have not be spotted until now by William Cabot. While Flying near the floating mountains he came out of the mist to witness this never before seen species. They are named mountain banshees due to the similarities in the smaller forest banshees.


This flying animal has 2 front wings and 2 back wings then a set of vestigial legs, so 6 it is hexopodal, that help to give the animal the ability to fly. The animal also has a long neck and tail to aid in the performance of tight maneuvers during flight. Mountain banshees also have 2 sets of eyes totaling 4 eyeballs to help them see better in flight. The animal's nostrils are located on the chest but only flow one way and vent in the back to remove heat. The animals come in a wide ranges of color that are mixed together.
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Mountian Life

The mountain banshee is a heterotroph eats a birds diet of nuts and berries.