Copàn: City of the Maya

By: Rudy and T.J.


In 749 A.D. the maya were last recorded on earth. In 1839 a law men John Stepens found these pillars. Then he wanted to learn more so he leared how to read mayan glyph. It was An indian cultrue in Guatemala, mexico.The reason these things are important is that they describe an ancient culture the mayans.One day they just vanished off the face of the earth. one connclusion is that was an over population .The biggest pillar that stepens found was of the king First Dawn witch is about 30 feet tall. Today it is a national park.


1. How did catherwood and stephens find Copan? They used a Journal that John.

2. What were some keys to decoding the glphs: John had studied these glphs and lerned from the home land village.

3. Why did the maya perform so many rituals to satisfy thier gods? Because they belive that there are a lot of gods, so they time so at the exact time the do there sacrifes. Then they would have good fortune and good havest.

4. Why do you think it's important to explore and understand mayan remains? explain your answer. Yes I think it is important. Because you want to learn about world history and there way of life.

Making connections compare the acient city of copan with another ancient place you have read about. How were thier cultures alike or diffrent? Rome is a civilsed place so is copan. rome is bigger than copan. copan makes secret rituals to satisfy.

Extra Imformation

· The Maya is one of the most dominant societies of the Mesoamerica

· The Mayan cultural is only over the Mexico region Guatemala.

· The Mayan is a secure civilization so they can protect from the invasion by other Mesoamerican people.

· They lived in three sepret regions yucatan peninsula, penten district.

· They made calendars like the Olmec cultral stateing that the end of the world will be 2012 December 25 because that is the year that they did not make another one.

A Mayan calendar

This is a picture of a mayan calendar.

Mayan temple

One of the many temples.
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Copàn: City Of The Maya by Laura Meredith

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