Michael Kors

Alli Brace

Type of Business and Benefits

Michael Kors is a corporation. I know this because I looked up their stock market information and verified that they in fact do sell stock. This is very beneficial because it somewhat protects the owners of the company because corporations have their own separate entity from stockholders as well as managers. Another benefit is that people can buy stock in corporations and this can give the company more popularity and if it is doing well, help its investors too.

Michael Kors Himself

The man who started the Michael Kors company was actual Michael Kors himself! He started the company and then named it after himself. His name by birth however was Karl Anderson Jr.


  • Company went bankrupt in 1990
  • Rebuilt company and started selling a less expensive line
  • Michael Kors is an award winning designer
  • Considered a accessory, footwear, and apparel company and is present in over 95 countries

Would I Invest?

Yes, i would invest in the Michael Kors company because despite the fact that the products are very high priced people still seem to buy them. This is also a company that appeals to many teens which would give them even more business. Therefore, it seems that this company is doing well and would be a good investment for my money.
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