Jerry Garcia

By: Justice Colon

Who was Jerry Garcia?

Jerry Garcia was a solo guitarist for the band Grateful Dead. He was born on August 1, 1942 in San Francisco. Jerry's parents are Jose and Ruth Garcia. His full name is Jerome John Garcia.

The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead was created in 1965. It's founder's our Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Ron Mckernan, Phil Lesh and Bill Kretuzmann. The band was active from 1965-1995. The fans go by the nickname Deadheads and there is well over 10 Cd's/Albums in their discography.
Top Ten (10) Best Jerry Garcia Solos

Memorable Actions of Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia was given a personal tour of the White House. He lost his middle finger on his right hand due to his brother chopping wood. Ben and Jerry's made an ice cream flavor after him called "Cherry Garcia."

Situations that Influenced Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia was influenced by many different things. First, he was influenced by drug use. Secondly, He was influenced by the Beatles. Lastly, he was influenced by Ken Kesey.

How Jerry Garcia impacted the world

Jerry motivated other people to start making music for themselves. Jerry Garcia made such a big impact on the band that when he died they announced they'd never perform as the Grateful Dead again.

Main thing to understand about Jerry Garcia

The main thing to understand about Jerry Garcia is he had a major passion for music.