Gregor Mendel

Father of Modern Genetics

Mendel's Early Years

Medel's years as a child and as a student in college had a lot of up and downs. He was born in 1822 in the Czech Republic. His family was very poor and worked on a farm. In school he was looked at as a gifted child and was sent to a boarding school in Germany. It was not all that easy he had to tutor people for money because he was still poor. When he made it to college in 1841 going to the University of Olomouc he got top marks in math and science. In college it was hard for him to pass exams for teaching and he kept failing.

His studies in Heredity

He used investigations into heredity using pea plants.Grew plants. He saw different and similar things knowing more about genetics. The things that they already knew at the time is that new species can appear in the form of hybrids and how each plant inherited it's traits from parent trees.

Specific Data

Mendels claim or research question was How many different forms would result from the random fertilization of two kinds of pea plants?

Most of the ratios were 2.8-3.0


  1. Seed shape ratio= 2.959:1

  2. Pod color ratio= 2.816:1

  3. Stem length 2.841:1

Scientist reactions

They thought it was great because he was called the father of modern genetics and scientists go off to his work making it better


It gave other scientist knowledge about genetics and help them make his work better or making replicas showing how much it helped them that is how we learn about genetics is because he showed so much.
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Vocab you wanna know

Definition: Gene that will overpower another gene

Example: The dominant traits are covering the recessive traits.


Definition: Gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene

Example: The recessive are hidden under the dominant.


Definition: Gene that is neither dominant nor recessive

Example: both would show up