A Shift in the South

African Americans are now realigning to the Democratic Party

A Sudden Change

The Republican Party's goal has always catered towards the treatment of slaves and the cease of slavery in the south. The party was prominent in the Abolitionist Movement and had outspoken figures in Congress that stressed the importance of individual rights for all peoples of America.

Now the Republican Party is changing its course on the issue of African Americans. The reemergence of the better organized Ku Klux Clan, the sudden liking to Jim Crow, and the platforms of the Republican presidential candidates are causing African Americans questioning whether to affiliate for the Republican Party in the next upcoming election.

A new and shining face in these dark times in America, Democrat Delano Franklin Roosevelt, cousin of the former President Theodore Roosevelt has announced his running for the presidency. Roosevelt has already made comments that will improve the African American's burden. The African American population has already responded positively to Roosevelt's comments and are gradually shifting to the Democratic Party.

What does this say about America's changing feelings? Is this the start of a gradual shift of African Americans towards the Democratic Party? Will realignment this last forever?

This rousing support for the Democratic Party among African American's will mean that this realignment will go down in African American history and a step in equality for all races.

The Democratic Party in the South

Since the realignment of African Americans in the 1930's, the African Americans have been assigning themselves as a Democratic Party has had a stronghold on the people in predominantly black areas. Because of African American's population and geographical location, the Democratic Party has taken influence in the south. Since the African Americans shifted to the Democratic Party. White Americans once belonging to the Democratic Party shifted to the Republican Party. The Republican Party has taken great influence on the south because of the majority of whites living but the growing minority of blacks belonging to the Democratic Party has also taken influence in the sough as well.